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There will be a Mini Cheer Camp on Saturday, September 12th from  10 am - 12pm at the Whitko Middle School Gym. Below is a link to the flyer with all the information you will need. 

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Car Pick-up & Drop-off Procedures (NEW!)

September, 2015

It is Pierceton Elementary School’s commitment that our school be a safe environment for our students at all times.  Traffic and safety rules & procedures are closely monitored, enforced, and reviewed in order to provide the safest environment possible.  We absolutely cannot make that happen without your help.  We hope that you will contribute to a safe environment for our students as they arrive and leave from school.  We ask for your cooperation in helping to make the congested situation as safe as possible by abiding by the following procedures:

  • Construction on a driveway dedicated to car pick-up & drop-off is completed!  All student drop-off & pick-ups will take place via this new drive & door 4, located on the north side of the building.  Parents/Guardians who wish to walk into the school with their student(s) should park their vehicle in the back (east side) of the main parking lot, which is accessed via state road 13.  There is no access to the main parking lot via the student drop-off/pick-up drive.  
  • For safety reasons & to ease driveway congestion, we will continue to use the signs with students’ names on them when parents/guardians are picking-up their student(s) from school (contact the PES office if you need a sign or signs).  The sign(s) should be posted on the driver’s side in such a way so that the students’ names are clearly visible to school personnel through the windshield. 
  • Any parent/guardian who does not have the school-issued sign with the child’s name on it must go to the main office & sign the student out.
  • Vehicles will access the drive via 3rd street in the town of Pierceton and proceed south until they reach the school property, where the drive will swing around to the west.  Door 4 is clearly marked as you approach the school.  To ensure safety, after the car comes to a complete stop at door 4, students will exit and enter the vehicle on the driver’s side whenever possible
  • After dropping off or picking up their students, parents and guardians will continue to the west to 7th street in order to exit the property.

Again, these procedures are under constant review and are subject to change as necessary in order to provide the safest and smoothest student drop-off and pick-up possible.  Any changes will be communicated as far in advance as possible.  Thank you very much for your help! 


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